Pony Bradshaw at Rebel Lounge

Pony Bradshaw Tickets

The Rebel Lounge | Phoenix, Arizona

Pony Bradshaw

Where are the country fans! The smashing Pony Bradshaw will be back on that stage again for fall, 2023 on the new tour of the states! Just imagine you and your fellow fans vining and thriving in alongside a packed crowd! September is just going to be wild, the unrivaled month of the year! Pony Bradshaw will be held at the impeccable Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday 6th September 2023. Fanatics from across the states will flock the iconic arena and tickets are already flying out so its recommended that you get yours now! Just follow the 'get tickets' link!

What's one of the greatest parts of a country gig? The tailgating! People are always free to move from one truck to another and meet new friends as they enjoy some grilled foods. What about the drinks! If you have never attended to a country music concert before, you will undoubtedly love it. Tailgating is, in fact, one of the main reasons people pay to go to live country performances. And where will you go for your next country music experience? If you are planning on going anywhere other than The Rebel Lounge then you are missing out because it is the greatest venue for tailgating experiences! This venue has a proven track record of inviting greatest country music stars who have a history of sold-out 5-star halls. The acoustics and lighting guarantee that you’ll hear your favourite hits crisp and clear from every part of the house. When it comes to smashing concert venues, The Rebel Lounge is the king of Phoenix, Arizona.

Pony Bradshaw at The Rebel Lounge

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