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The Rebel Lounge | Phoenix, Arizona

Home is Where

If you haven’t heard the news, then we hope you’re sitting down. Because Home is Where, one of pop music’s hottest shining stars will be coming to the stunning The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix, Arizona on Wednesday 13th September 2023. This one-time-only performance brings one of the hottest entertainers to deliver what fans and critics believe will be the favorite show of 2023. You will fall in love with their raw talent, undeniable passion, and limitless energy as they make you jump out of your seats to cheer and clap. Order your tickets fast by clicking the Buy Tickets button below.

We heard you're a faithful Home is Where fan? Well this is the place to be right now because finally the word is out, everything you heard is true! Home is Where is back touring the US this September, Playing at the unforgettable The Rebel Lounge in Arizona, Phoenix. Critics and fans have been screaming about this being the biggest tour of 2023 so you're in for a real treat! You just know you'll be leaving the show with an ear to ear grin and in the highest spirits of the fall, it's all your friends have been talking about and it's all you've been able to think about! Well don't just sit there! Put Wednesday 13th September 2023 in the diary, and book your tickets here and now! This is going to me a massive hit and tickets are going to be gone in a flash! Click 'get tickets' and secure some today!

Home is Where at The Rebel Lounge

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