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The Rebel Lounge | Phoenix, Arizona


Are you ready to dance in the crowd, and sing all night? Transviolet is coming to The Rebel Lounge in Phoenix Arizona on Wednesday 3rd July 2024! This is one of those concerts that anyone can enjoy. Though there might be that one friend in the group who says they don’t know the songs. But when Transviolet gets up on stage, they’ll understand just how foolish they were just then. On top of that, it’s a summer day at the beautiful The Rebel Lounge that in itself may be worth the price of entry.

Transviolet are gonna be touring the U.S.A., and they’ve been able to craft their set-list to be certain that they put in their best show on Wednesday 3rd July 2024 in Phoenix. All clues point to the fact that this will be an unbelievable day. You’ll be kicking yourself if you’re not in the audience singing along to some of the best songs Transviolet has to perform.

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Transviolet is touring again. Hitting the road and scheduled to make numerous stops throughout the USA, but lucky you, it’s also scheduled to make a stop in Phoenix, Arizona this summer!

It's your chance to be one of the first ones to land front row passes! Tickets to catch Transviolet are shifting quickly and there’s no more time to wait! This epic headlining trip has been deemed as among Phoenix's 2024 most sought-after pop concert! With a brand new record and a fire catalog, there is no question that Transviolet is the summer’s most jaw-dropping pop phenom!

On Wednesday 3rd July 2024, be there to experience on Transviolet's terrific hits! The Rebel Lounge is guaranteed to be lit with the most epic chart-toppers from start to finish! Transviolet will be dishing out the most popular tunes that are the ultimate music to your ears! There is no mystery why critics and major brands like the Mojo are going mad for Transviolet’s exceptional latest album, including the latest chart-topper! They've done more than just commercially successful smashers, Transviolet’s hugely incredible work has recieved many prestigious awards!

There's no one else who delivers pop rock music quite like Transviolet! Once Transviolet starts playing, you can’t help but sing along. Dancing is optional, but just go all out! Enjoy the concert and unbelievable ballads without fuss!

The Rebel Lounge’s large capacity ensures screaming concert goers have more than enough space – singing and dancing sure won't be a a problem! Get to relax with its diverse array of drinks, bverages and snack choices. It is one concert destination is well-known for its perfect sound and lights technology! After witnessing this jaw-dropping pop extravaganza, you can select The Rebel Lounge’s plethora of nearby restaurants & diners!

You’re sure to have the most epic evening of the summer! So go ahead, sing along, take a pic of you in the crowd at an Transviolet gig, and go dancing like crazy! It happens once-in-a-lifetime! Make sure you secure your access early! Click on the Get Tickets button above now before it’s too late!

Transviolet at The Rebel Lounge

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